About the Foundation

The FCTC Education Foundation ensures student access to high-quality education by eliminating financial barriers.

We provide scholarships, professional resources and emergency assistance to enable students to complete their course of study and graduate with a life-changing certification or credential. FCTC graduates are equipped with cutting-edge skills to meet the changing needs of our local business community and contribute to the economic vitality of Northeast Florida.

Board of Directors

Carol Saviak

Orville Dothage, III

Kristen White

Lisa McGowan

Charlene Beymer
Chris Cothron, Interim Director
Jenna Ferrell
Nadia Garnett
Betty Herendeen
Scott Maynard
Mark Mahoney

College Advancement Coordinator
Arleen Dennison

(904) 547-3386 Email

If you would like to receive a recent copy of the organization’s 990, please request by emailing [email protected].